Prioritizing Rooms When Painting Interiors

When the time comes to paint your home’s interior living spaces, you may find yourself with the same initial problem as everyone else.

That being – where on earth do you begin?

Of course, this tends to be particularly problematic if your home is on the large side and you have quite a number of rooms to deal with. But even if your property is relatively compact, you still might not know where to start. And this is precisely why many DIY types decide to paint everything at the same time.

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If you ask us, however, this usually isn’t the best way to go!

Painting multiple rooms at the same time can be exciting and enjoyable. Not to mention, a good way of getting the job done as quickly as possible. But at the same time, it can also cause a fair few unique headaches along the way. By the time it’s all done, your home will be a more attractive, more comfortable and more enjoyable place to spend time in general. In the meantime however, it could be the exact opposite for a prolonged period.

When Homm CPS tackles a larger internal painting job, we do so with a team of experienced painters. Strength in numbers and plenty of practice can help get the job done as quickly and immaculately as possible. Nevertheless, when customers planning to go it alone come to us for advice, we always give the same instruction:

Focus on one room at a time.

But then comes an additional question – how should you prioritize your rooms?  If you genuinely intend to paint every room from top to bottom, which should you paint first and which could be left until a little later?

Well, in truth there’s technically no right or wrong way of going about it – just as long as you give every room sufficient time and attention. That said, you may find things somewhat more convenient and enjoyable, if you prioritize certain rooms of your home above all others.

Bedroom and Bathroom

For example, you could say that the bedroom and bathroom are the two most important rooms of the home. The quicker you finish painting your bedroom, the quicker you have yourself a sanctuary to hide away in while the rest of the house is a complete mess. Likewise, it’s not as if you can get away with not using the bathroom on a regular basis, each and every day. Given that these are the two rooms you fundamentally have to use daily and for some of life’s most important ‘tasks’…shall we say…you might want to focus on getting the bedroom and bathroom done before the rest of your interior spaces.


Likewise, it’s a good idea to position your kitchen relatively highly on the list, given its importance in everyday life. Along with the fact that you really do need your kitchen to be done as quickly as possible for obvious reasons, there are two other factors to consider. The first of which being that the longer your kitchen remains inaccessible, the more likely it is your fresh produce and perishable goods in general will go bad. In addition, not being able to access your kitchen for a long time means most likely resorting to restaurants, takeaways and other expensive/unhealthy meal options.

Living Rooms

Shared relaxation spaces like living rooms can be left until a little later for two reasons. First of all, these tend to be the largest living spaces in the home and therefore also take the longest to paint. Secondly, you can technically get away with not having complete access to living rooms and other shared spaces for as long as necessary. You will no doubt find other ways to entertain yourself, not to mention places to relax while the chaos continues.

Dining Rooms

It’s also exactly the same case with dining rooms – a living space you don’t fundamentally need access to at all times. Given that so many homes don’t even feature dining rooms in the first place, it’s not as if you need to prioritize your own dining room above the more important living spaces in your home.

Storage/Utility Rooms

Last but not least, utility and storage rooms can be left until whatever time you’re ready to tackle them. The reason being that as useful as they may be, they don’t actually constitute living spaces in the usual sense.  It’s not as if you spend a great deal of time relaxing or entertaining guests in them – hence them being shifted more toward the bottom of your list of priorities.

For more information on anything to do with home painting or to discuss a professional quotation, get in touch with the Homm CPS customer service team today.