Planning To Paint The Whole House? Read This First

With fall in full effect, plucky DIY types across the country have big plans for their interiors. In some instances, plans that involve painting every single room of the home.

If you’re the time to get a kick out of these kinds of projects, planning a complete home makeover can be exciting. But assuming you’ve got a limited time to play with and a pretty packed schedule to juggle, it pays to be strategic.

And by strategic, we mean prioritizing the painting of each individual room in a structured and organized manner.

Planning To Paint The Whole House? Read This First

What does it matter which room you paint first? Can’t you just attack things both-barrels and make it up as you go along? You could, but you’ll probably end up making things more difficult and time-consuming than they need to be.

Instead, take a leaf from the books of the pros and inject a little strategy into things. Here at Homm CPS, we always recommend tackling your home’s interiors in the following order and for the following reasons:

  1. The Bathroom

First up, the bathroom needs to be given total initial priority for one important reason – you and the rest of the family cannot live without it. Rather than spreading your resources thinly across multiple rooms, give the bathroom one enormous blast of time and effort to get the job done as quickly as possible. You can get by with most rooms out of order for a considerable time – the bathroom isn’t one of them. It’s not so bad if you have multiple bathrooms, but could be disastrous if you only have one!

  1. Bedrooms

The same also goes for your bedrooms, which should be tackled next. You’ll want your bedrooms to be out of action for as little time as possible, given the importance of a good night’s sleep. Painting your bedrooms one at a time is the way to go, in order to ensure that each individual room is completed as quickly as possible. Far better than cramming the whole family onto a cramped couch for days on end.

  1. The Kitchen

Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a functional room you’ll find difficult to get by without. In addition, the longer your kitchen is out of action, the more money you’re likely to spend on eating out and less-than healthy fast-food deliveries. So once again, it’s a case of pooling your resources and doing whatever you can to get the kitchen painted and back into use as quickly as possible. If you have a particularly large kitchen – perhaps with an adjoining dining space – consider painting it in sections, rather than all at once.

  1. Living Room

Technically speaking, the shared living spaces around your home aren’t what you’d call essential. Hence, they can be left until a little later. Get to grips with the living room after painting the spaces mentioned above, as this is the place you’ll probably spend most of your time while relaxing at home. Your bedroom can double-up as a living room in the meantime, but is hardly as comfortable as a shared space.

  1. Dining Room

Likewise, you can technically get away without a dining room indefinitely. It’s therefore a room you can afford to put off as long as necessary and take your time with. The same also applying to games rooms, studies and any other shared living spaces that aren’t necessarily essential. Just as long as the functional spaces within your home are accessible, the rest is of little immediate consequence.

Final Word…

One final word on the subject of full-home interior paint jobs – ensure you allocate sufficient time to get the job done. These are not the kinds of DIY projects to attempt if planning to ‘dip’ in and out of things over a series of evenings. If you’re already struggling to keep up with a busy daily schedule, you might want to think about delaying the project or hiring help.

Ideally, you should have sufficient time to start the project and complete it within the same free period. If only, to minimize disruption and avoid making things more difficult than they need to be.

Whatever your requirements, Homm CPS will provide you with an unbeatable quote for any interior paint job. So before going ahead, contact a member of our customer support team for an obligation-free consultation.