Pantone 2014 Cypress

Cypress is a cross between an elegant army green and deep sage. This combination could not be more fitting for the extra layers, and abundance of herb infused cooking that begin to saturate the east coast during this time of year. If you want that comforting feeling of coziness to last year round, consider Cypress for your home.

Pantone Color Cypress

cypress paint color

cypress paint color

We love Jenny Komenda’s newly redesigned home! Check it out here.

cypress interior paint

Cypress is a great jumping off point for designing a room that has a rustic feel. This nature inspired color can be combined with wood tones to create a cohesive space.

cypress interior paint color

If rustic really isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Cypress works just as well in a more polished manner. Glass, clean lines, and gold accessories finish off a space in Cypress color perfectly.

Where would you add Cypress in your home?

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