Pantone 2014 Aurora Red

Our last Pantone 2014 Fall color that we are profiling is the stunning but subtle Aurora Red, which allows seamless intergration and cohesion from exterior to interior. One of the best parts about living in the Washington D.C. area is the access to an abundance of fall foliage. If you want to bring that lovely subdued red into your home – try it in small quantites first…

aurora red accent wall

…Or if you are looking for a larger scale home improvement and interior painting project, get creative with this red!

aurora pantone color

Pair appropriate accessories to finish off the space, like modern club chairs and sleek floor lamps. (we love the epoxy floors above as well! )

aurora color living room

Traditinal furnishings work just as well for this classic color. This hue perfectly complements the colonial style homes in Alexandria, VA that are known for their traditional style, beautiful interior crown molding, and charming character.

aurora red interior

If an eclectic aesthetic is more your taste, think of the the iconic logo for Madam Organs Blues Bar in Adams Morgan, N.W. , D.C. If that is an image that you find yourself drawn to, then you would absolutely love aurora red in your home.



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