Paint Color Schemes – May

This month we figured instead of having just one color to put on display, we’d have five! Well, not really five colors, but rather, five color schemes! Spring is such a versatile time of year in the Washington DC area, that in order to encapsulate all of the lovely color changes that happen during the month of May, we wanted to showcase five different color options that could be used in your next professional painting project, or to just give you some inspiration for interior home renovation!

Scheme 1: 

  • Banana cream 275 (walls)
  • Horizon gray 2141-50 (accent stripes)
  • Calm 2111-70 (ceiling and trim)

This color scheme has traditional feel to it because of the perfectly match wall and trim color. The yellow is fun, and updated, and paired with a warm white trim and wainscoting, makes this home feel fresh. The trick to creating this atmosphere is in the gray stripes on the mantel wall. The gray and yellow paint added a visual interest over the fireplace to keep the room from feeling too stuffy, all the while still maintaining the traditional aesthetic.

banana cream


Scheme 2:

  • Winchester sage 628 (walls)
  • Citronée 281 (ceiling)
  • Mascarpone AF-20 (trim)

This contemporary design combines modern furnishings with a color palette to  accentuate the architectural details in the room. Even thought the room is small, character is brought in through the dimension adding color difference between the ceiling and the trim. The color variation is minimal, but significant. Instead of the trim and ceiling simply melding together, they are ever to slightly defined by two different, but two very close colors. The lovely sage on the wall compliments them perfectly to give the room an updated, classic look.

winchester sage


  Scheme 3:

  • Tempest AF-590 (walls)
  • Subtle AF-310 (ceiling)
  • Handmade AF-325 (ceiling beams)

Welcome to modern living! One of the amenities of having a loft is having beautiful high ceilings and walls. However, the space can often feel empty, overwhelming, and cold. This lovely lavender color provides coziness and warmth in this high ceilinged loft with subtly defined beams that create a more cohesive atmosphere by bringing the ceiling and walls in.




Scheme 4:

  • Stone 2112-40 (walls)
  • Tapestry beige OC-32 (accent wall)
  • Winter white 2140-70 (ceiling)

This color combo is the ultimate modern neutral. Sleek furnishings paired with a gray and white that will compliment any color scheme make this room feel luxurious. The perfectly placed accent wall adds interest since the room does not have stand out architectural features.




Scheme 5:

  • Clydesdale brown 2092-10 (walls)
  • Thunder AF-685 (fireplace)
  • Cream froth 2158-70 (ceiling and trim)

The warmest scheme of these five is the terra cotta-esque combo, which creates an inviting room no matter where you are. This fireplace doesn’t hurt either! The warm two-toned ceiling and fireplace whites help to ground the room, and subtly grab your eye towards the main focal point of the wall. These colors work equally well in a room with lots of sunlight or with little. The coziness that these colors creates help with a darker room, but the way the light reflects off of the colors in a sun filled room is equally as stunning!

Clydesdale brown

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