Leaving Pro Painters Home Alone: Good Idea?

There are two completely contradictory schools of thought when it comes to this particular question. While some will tell you leaving pro painters home alone to get the job done is an absolute godsend, others warn against it at all costs.

In any case, millions of homeowners across the land do exactly that instinctively. They choose a pro painting team, they assign a time when they’ll be out of the way and they let them get on with it.

As far as the advantages are concerned, it’s hard to deny the appeal of having your interior spaces painted in your absence. Particularly if leading a relatively busy life, the last thing you want is for your precious free time to be disrupted by a team of burly and surly painters (not us!). Plus, it’s worth factoring in the very real possibility that you’ll end up getting in their way, making things far more difficult than they need to be.

Staying Safe and Sound When Painting Outdoors

When looking at the logistics therefore, there are countless advantages that accompany leaving painters home alone. But at the same time, it’s not the preferred option for everyone.

Again, there are two very different schools of thought on the issue – which look a little like this:

No: It’s Best To Be There

As far as those who prefer not to leave painters home alone are concerned, there are two pressing issues that should be considered – security and control.

In terms of control, not being there while the pro painters do their thing means not being able to keep an eye on the thing they are doing. If you’re the type who prefers to watch over things and supervise the process along the way, you’ll need to be there to make it happen. Likewise, letting them get on with the job solo means not being able to ask questions and provide your own ‘expert’ direction along the way.

On the security side of things, the idea of inviting strangers into your home can be disconcerting at the best of times. Even if you’re there at the time, it’s still a bit strange having a bunch of completely random people right at the heart of your home. So to allow them access to your home while you’re nowhere to be seen can take things to a different level for more concerned types.

Hence, a lot of people wouldn’t even consider leaving pro painters home alone.

Yes: Nothing To Worry About

On the flip side of the coin, just as many people don’t have to think twice about letting painters get the job done alone.

In terms of the advantages, allowing a team of painters to get the job done in your absence means not having to deal with any of the disruption. You leave your property, the job is addressed on your behalf and could be all-but finished by the time you get back. You don’t get in their way and they don’t get in your way – the logistics can be ideal.

As for security, allowing pro painters to paint your interiors without your supervision doesn’t have to be as risky as you might think. It’s simply a case of working exclusively with a rated and reputable painting brand that’s known for its honesty and professionalism. There will always be decidedly dodgy dealers on the market, but it’s also easy enough to find an honest and dependable team of painters you can trust.

The (Vague) Takeaway…

Long story short therefore – it’s entirely up to you. We’re far too responsible (and diplomatic) to suggest one option or the other as better. After all, we don’t want you coming and blaming us if you make the wrong choice!

For what we will say, however, is that if you do go ahead and provide a team of painters with access to your home in your absence, you need to be 200% sure of their reputation and honesty. Check reviews, see what others have had to say and don’t sign on the bottom-line until you’re completely confident.

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