Kitchen Cabinets – Color Considerations and More

Ask any professional painting company in Alexandria VA and they’ll tell you the same – the kitchen really has become the heart of the home. Staying in is the new going out and family life in general has never been so focused on this one room. Far from just a functional space in which to get important jobs done, the kitchen is now seen as the most important of all living spaces by most homeowners and potential buyers alike. Indeed, how you present your kitchen is even known to have a massive impact on perceived property values.

So assuming you’ve made the decision to paint your kitchen cabinets – or to hire a painting company to get the job done on your behalf – what color should you go for?

Kitchen Cabinets – Color Considerations and More

Well, the truth is that while there’s an endless color palette out there to choose from, the vast majority tend to side with something vanilla. Aka, a little on the bland side. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with keeping things safe and simple, but nor is there with jazzing things up a little with a splash of color and vibrancy.

Looking Beyond Neutrals

Neutrals can be great, though in many instances are chosen out of fear of trying something new. That, or concern that taking things a little ‘off the rails’ with colorful cabinets could detrimentally affect the price of the property. When you think about it, the idea of making your kitchen appeal to as many tastes as possible with plain, simple and neutral cabinets seems to make sense. But if this kind of logic was to be applied across the whole home…well, let’s just say we’d all be living in pretty dull and boring boxes!

While it’s true to say that specific colors will appeal to specific buyers more than others, they can nonetheless seal the deal in an instant with the right buyers. Not only this, but you also need to think about the fact that it’s actually you and your family that will be making use of your kitchen, so why not focus on what appeals to your gang instead? You really deserve to love the kitchen you have, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what kind of new dynamic a splash of color can bring to the room.

After all, you can always have it painted over by an Alexandria VA painting company, if you change your mind!

Color Considerations

As for the specific colors themselves, there are certain examples that tend to be stuck with more than others. There’s no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ choice as such, just as long as it’s something you like and a color that creates that ambience you’re looking for.


For example, it’s actually quite rare to come across a kitchen with orange cabinet, though the right shade really can be incredibly vibrant. It’s not a case of a going with the brightest neon orange you can find, but something a little toned down and leaning more toward a caramel color. For the family home, a splash of orange can bring a bright and sunny vibe into the place, which is just the thing for a happy and enjoyable kitchen.


If you take white out of the equation…which isn’t technically a color…green is the single most common and popular color for kitchen cabinets. The reason being that it is massively versatile and can be selected in a literally infinite range of shades and hues. Greens that lean more toward sage or olive tones can be truly fantastic for kitchens, as too can dark greens paired with real wood. It’s the way in which the right shade of green brings a feeling of natural elegance and simplicity into the room that makes it a real winner.


The entire spectrum of blues closely follows greens as a hugely popular and effective choice for kitchen cabinets. Some go for a ‘seaside’ feel with nautical blues and whites, others favor extremely subtle hints of blue and then there are those who swoon for deeper, darker and richer blues. Blue is great for pairing with other colors around the kitchen, creating an elegant, modern and refined overall atmosphere.


A firm favourite among most painting companies in Alexandria VA, yellow kitchen cabinets are truly timeless. What’s great about yellow is the way in which it can make the kitchen as a whole look and feel bigger and brighter than it actually is. Suffice to say therefore, a fantastic choice for kitchens that aren’t exactly the biggest in size. Go as bright and bold or calm and casual as you like – you’ll be delighted with the results either way!


Last but not least, not only do red kitchen cabinets look simply superb, but it’s also said that the color red can actually stimulate appetites! Red is great for ultra-modern and real retro kitchens alike, so chances are whatever the vibe you’re going for, you’ll find a red to suit.

Expert Advice

Of course, if you’re really struggling to work out what kinds of colors would work best with your current interior décor, it pays to ask the experts. As a leading painting firm Alexandria in VA with unrivalled experience, we can help guide you through the process of choosing the very best colors and getting the job done properly.

So for more information or to arrange a quotation, get in touch with the Homm CPS customer service team today.