Interior Paint for Businesses: More Than Looks Alone?

It’s no secret that when going about an interior paint job at home, color choice matters…a lot. For one thing, you want to create a visual aesthetic that in some way represents or reflects your personality. In addition, everyone knows that interior paint choice can have a direct impact on the mood and ambience of the room in question.

Pale blues for baby nurseries, brighter tones for the kitchen and so on – a handful of standards most acknowledge and follow to the letter.

But what about the workplace? To what extent does the choice of interior paint colors (and combinations of colors) make a difference at work?

Importantly, could something as simple as creative color selection make a direct contribution to productivity and output?

white home office space

The short answer is yes – strategic color selection at work really can make a huge difference. Hence, rather than choosing at random or going with the same usual standards, it simply makes sense to get a little creative with the whole thing.

The Power of Pink

First things first, we’re not suggesting that you redecorate the interiors of your entire office space in noxious neon pink. We’re simply using it as an illustration of just how powerful certain colors can be in the right environments.

For example, a study carried out in Switzerland found that when the interior walls of prisons were painted in a slight pink hue, it calmed down the inmates and reduced instances of aggression. Pink has the power to subconsciously calm and slightly subdue those in the vicinity – a good choice for keeping things quiet and under control in the canteen, perhaps?

It’s not like you have to go nuclear and plaster your entire workplace in pink – a few subtle hints here and there could have the same effect.

Workers Got the Blues?

At home, relatively neutral hues, such as beige, gray, and white, can look great as the main colors for various rooms. In the workplace…well, there’s evidence to suggest you need to get a little more creative with your color selection.

According to the results of a study carried out at the University of Texas, office workers surrounded by these neutral hues were far more likely to feel tired, lethargic, bored and even depressed in the workplace. Issues that were apparently alleviated simply by bringing a good pop of color into the equation in strategic locations.

You (of course) need to keep things sensible in accordance with the type of business you run, but steering clear of anything too bland or boring is probably a good idea.

An Energizing Uplift

Most employers would probably jump at the chance to motivate their employees and create an energized and optimistic vibe around the workplace in general. Which is, according to color science, something that can be achieved with a simple makeover.

Apparently, red is one of the best colors you can bring into the workplace to create a sense of energy, excitement, assertiveness and optimism. It’s said to be as good as it gets for making people feel more passionate about what they do and outgoing in general.

Again, not to such an extent as to warrant painting your interior spaces in their entirety bright red. More a case of bringing highlights or accents of red into your office interiors, which might just perk up the people in the vicinity.

Creative and Strategic Color Choice…

Of course, it’s just as important to ensure you select a color palette that’s an appropriate and accurate reflection of your business. Depending on the type of business you run and its primary branding strategy, there may be certain colors and color combinations that are completely out of the question.

In which case, you’ll need to be even more strategic with your selection and your approach to office décor in general.

At Homm CPS, we’re proud to offer a complete range of professional interior painting services for commercial and residential clients across the region. Whether looking to bring energy into your interiors with a few decorative accents or completely transform your work space with a major makeover, we’re standing by with the support you need to make the right choice.

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