How to Spruce Up the Entrance to Your Home

If first impressions are everything, your home’s entranceway sends a powerful message. In which case, why not brighten it up and boost your home’s curb appeal in the process?

These are the kinds of simple one-day exterior painting projects that can nonetheless make an enormous difference. If you’re not quite ready to give your entire property a fresh coat of paint, a revamped entranceway can create a fantastic point of focus.

Of course, you’ll need to check whether the door itself is made from a material that’s suitable to paint, while choosing paints that are sufficiently weather-resistant. Other than this, taking to your front door, the frame it sits in and the surrounding trim with a can of paint is an absolute breeze.

How to Spruce Up the Entrance to Your Home

Aside from the minor issue of choosing from the thousands of colors available, but it’s easy enough to narrow things down by focusing on the following:

Your Home’s Exterior Color

Taking into account your home’s current exterior color is the easiest way to choose something apt for entranceway. For a seamless exterior aesthetic, go with something similar to its surroundings. If looking to create a standout point of focus, choose something that contrasts beautifully with the rest of your home.

Either way, it can be great to frame a perfectly painted door with a frame and/or surrounding trim in a contrasting color. A dark blue door framed in beautiful white trim never fails to turn heads, for example.

Go Bright and Bold

The door to your home is one of the few features you can get away with painting a pretty garish color. Assuming the rest of your property is painted in a relatively subdued tone, you can get away with almost anything with your front door.

From blues to reds to yellows to greens to purples and all sorts of shades of orange, absolutely any entranceway color can look fantastic. It needs to be something that works with the rest of your home’s exterior styling, but it’s nonetheless a fantastic opportunity to go bright and bold.

Consider Your Outdoor Spaces

The positioning of your entranceway and its surroundings should also be factored in, when choosing an appropriate color. For example, if your entranceway is flanked on all sides by plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and the like, opting for a neutral earth tone can help create a naturally beautiful aesthetic.

By contrast, if your home has a more modern and minimalist exterior, you’ll easily get away with something more vibrant and eye-catching.

Take Inspiration from Elsewhere

One of the easiest ways to find inspiration for exterior paint colors is to take a stroll around the neighborhood and see what your neighbors have used. You’ll see colors you like, combinations you love and ‘creative’ approaches to exterior styling you loathe.

It’s not about ripping off other people’s ideas wholesale, but instead getting a good idea of what might work for a property like yours.

Use the Home Depot Project Color App

Or for that matter, any other app that offers the same basic functionality. You take a photo of your entranceway, you open it in the app and you experiment with a whole world of paint colors to see what works. This can be a fantastic way of finding out exactly how your home will look, if you go ahead and select a particular paint (or paint combination).

Don’t be discouraged by what sounds like a complex tool for the tech-savvy – apps like these are incredibly easy to use and genuinely invaluable.

If in Doubt, Go with Gray

Last up, choosing a color you’re not completely happy with isn’t a good idea for obvious reasons. But at the same time, you could find yourself facing a brick wall and getting frustrated with the whole process. In which case, you could always consider going with something that’s a) compatible with all types of exterior stylings and b) is timeless as it gets.

The right shade of gray never fails to look the part, however it is framed. It’s a similar story with most other neutrals, but gray is in a league of its own when it comes to blending in with all types of classical and contemporary color schemes without exception.

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