How to Paint Your Interior Light Fixtures

Why replace when you can repaint? That’s pretty much our motto when it comes to all types of interior painting, which can breathe life into furniture and fixtures that appear past their prime.

Light fixtures are no different, which can often be treated to a fresh coat of paint to bring them back to life.  Understandably, DIYers often approach jobs like these with caution, given the perceived awkwardness of the job.

Decorate a Room in a Day? It’s Possible…

But with the right approach, painting interior light fixtures can be surprisingly straightforward.  As with most things, it’s all in the planning.

Is It Necessary to Remove Light Fixtures to Paint Them?

This is where many (if not most) people go wrong. You’d be forgiven for thinking that painting light fixtures while leaving them in place would save you time and effort.  In reality, it is absolutely essential that you take them down, prior to painting them.

Here’s why:

  • Painting light fixtures while they are still attached means working at height, and having to deal with the effects gravity has while painting overhead.
  • In order to paint a light fixture that’s still in place, you’ll need to protect the rest of the room in its entirety from splatters.
  • You’ll also need to protect the surrounding space on the ceiling, and perhaps make touch-ups if things go wrong along the way.
  • Spray paint fumes are best kept outdoors where possible, rather than causing a major health hazard inside your home.

In a nutshell, painting a light fixture without taking it down first simply makes the job more difficult and laborious than it needs to be.

It’s far better to take down the fixture, move it to an appropriate location (ideally outdoors) and tackle the job there.

Painting Interior Light Fixtures – The Basics

All light fixtures are different, and may therefore call for slight modifications to the painting process. However, the basic steps involved in painting interior light fixtures are always the same, whatever their design:

  1. First up, don’t even think about going near the light fixture until you have turned off the power. Switch the power off at your home’s main switch box and triple check it is off, before taking things to the next step.
  2. Carefully remove the light fixture from the ceiling, which may involve prizing the housing away from the surface and removing a bunch of screws. Avoid the temptation to apply too much force, as you run the risk of damaging the fixture in the process.
  3. Remove anything from the fixture that you do not want to paint, such as decorative features, cords, switches and so on. Set these aside somewhere safe, along with all the screws and other hardware.
  4. Take the fixture to a place with good ventilation (outdoors is best) and begin sending the surface with light-grit sandpaper. Give it a good wipe to get rid of all the accumulated dust, and ensure the surface has been sounded as evenly as possible.
  5. The quickest and easiest way to paint most types of interior light fixtures is with an appropriate type of spray paint. You can pick up spray paints with built-in primer, or you can apply a light misting of primer before going ahead with the color.
  6. Take your time when spraying the paint onto the surface, covering it with a fine mist and allowing plenty of time to dry. Aim to apply at least three thin coats to produce an even finish, as opposed to applying too much paint at once.
  7. When satisfied with the result, give the fixture a good 24 hours or so for the paint to fully cure, before fixing it back in place.

Pro tip: The material your light fixture is made of must be taken into account when selecting an appropriate type of paint. Light fixtures can be made of wood, metal, plastic or even glass – all calling for different types of paints to achieve the desired effect.

If in doubt, consult with your local paint supplier for their recommendations.

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