How to Paint Skirting Boards…Properly

It’s amazing how simply tackling one or two small features can have such a huge impact on the entire room. A prime example of which being skirting boards – aka baseboards – which are all-too often overlooked by the average DIYer.

Skirting boards are something of a constant around the home, serving a practical purpose and generally fading into the background. But what if you were to accentuate your baseboards? What if instead of having them blend seamlessly with the rest of your home, you used them to create a more striking color contrast?

If it’s something you’ve never considered, we’d strongly suggest doing just that.

Particularly if the respective interior décor is generally quite neutral, a pop of color around the bottom really could make all the difference. Instead of going with the usual white, why not choose a strategic shade of brown? Or take things to the next level with a glossy black?

How to Paint Skirting Boards…Properly

Truth is, even if you stick with the same color you’ve always gone for, a fresh coat of paint on your baseboards can and will improve the room’s aesthetic. What’s more, proceed in accordance with the following pro tips and you might find the process easier than you thought:

Decide On a Color

Don’t decide on a final color until you’ve taken the time to consider the available options. Experiment with a few sample pots, or take a picture of your room and play with photo-editing software to see how it might look. If you haven’t considered painting your baseboards a different color for some time, that’s probably the first thing you should be doing.

Get the Right Brush

You’ll get away with most decent brushes, but the best brush to attack baseboards with is a premium 2-inch brush. Always remember that you’ll need to use a brush with synthetic bristles if planning to use a water-based paint. In all instances, don’t make the mistake of using a bargain-basement brush – you’ll soon regret it.

Sand the Surface

The first practical step is to set about creating a surface that the paint will successfully adhere to. This means grabbing some relatively fine sandpaper and giving the whole thing a good going-over. After which, you’ll need to remove all residual dust and debris from the surface to be painted.

Repair Damage

If you come across any areas that are noticeably damaged, now’s the perfect time to tend to them. It’s usually as easy as arming yourself with a decent tube of filler, smoothing things over and giving it plenty of time to dry. Far better than putting things off until a later date…again.

Tape Off the Edges

The easiest way to create clean lines and avoid mess is to take your time when applying painters’ tape. Apply the tape in relatively short strips, rather than attempting to cover extensive lengths with one huge piece. Ensure that the tape is pressed into position firmly, with no gaps for the paint to creep under.

Get Painting

The key to success when it comes to the painting process lies in two things. Along with choosing the highest quality paint you can lay your hands on, you also need to take your time. Always remember that as another coat will be required, you don’t need to get carried away with how much paint you slap on. Take your time, coating the surface with a thin and even coat of paint.

Apply a Second Coat

After giving things at least 24 hours to dry – or more if necessary – you can get started with a second coat of paint. Once again, you’ll want to take your time and apply a very thin and even coat across the whole surface. Don’t try to hurry things – you can always add a third coat if necessary.

Remove the Tape

When you’re done, remove the tape with extreme care and attention. Don’t make the mistake of attempting to rip it off Band Aid style – you’ll only go and wreck the final result. As is key throughout, taking your time is the best way of getting the job done right.

A fresh coat of paint on your baseboards really can make a huge difference. Best of all, it’s the kind of modest home improvement that can be tackled in a single day. So if looking to breathe new life into any interior space, why not look down?

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