How To Keep Your Wooden Decking Looking Good As New

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a shiny-new outdoor decking installation. Along with the kid of luster you simply can’t take your eyes off, it evokes dreams of a lazy summer afternoons and evenings unwinding outdoors.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for decking to start looking old before its time. Not that this is surprising, when you consider the kind of punishment it endures throughout the year. Along with a relentless battering from Mother Nature, it’s likely to suffer a fair amount of mistreatment at the hands of its faithful users.

The result – decking that fades, deteriorates and becomes unsightly. In the worst instances, it can even begin to rot and lose its structural integrity.

But it doesn’t have to – none of the above is inevitable. Instead, it’s simply an example of where ongoing wear-and-tear is allowed to get out of hand. The alternative being to favor a proactive approach, ensuring your wooden decking stays as good as new for as long as possible.

How To Keep Your Wooden Decking Looking Good As New

Best of all, it doesn’t have to be particularly difficult. It’s certainly easier than watching your once-proud decking fall into disrepair and face the prospective replacing it entirely.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to keep it looking great:

  1. Keep It Clean

The most important rule of all is to simply keep it as clean as possible at all times. The more dirt, grime and general debris you allow to accumulate, the quicker it begins to take a toll on the quality and integrity of your decking.  So rather than blasting it with pressure-washer every few weeks or so, get into the habit of giving it a gentle clean on a regular basis. This includes when you’re not actually using your decking, as it might still take a pounding from the elements outdoors.

  1. Keep It Covered

If possible, it’s worth thinking about investing in a bunch of sheets and tarps you can use to cover your decking when not in use. This is particularly useful when you won’t be using it for a while, or when the worst of the weather hits.  By keeping it protected from at least some exterior harms and influences, it’s guaranteed to hang on to its sparkle for longer.

  1.  Treat It With Care

It may be manufactured from robust and durable hardwood, but this doesn’t mean your decking should be treated with a lack of care. It’s important to remember that any deep scratches, scuffs or cracks you inflict could quickly allow moisture to creep into the wood and cause a whole world of problems.  You don’t have to tip-toe around the place like you’re walking on thin ice, but treating it with the TLC it deserves is the best way to preserve it.

  1.  Choose A Good Quality Stain

When the time comes to treat your decking to a fresh coat of stain, quality counts. Even when two treatments look the same on the surface, there are often enormous differences you can’t see. Namely, their capacity to protect your wood long-term. It simply makes sense to choose the best re-stain you can lay your hands on, given that doing so will make it cheaper and easier to take care of your decking for the duration. It’s the classic case of doing something right and doing it once.

  1. Tackle Repairs ASAP

Last but not least, try to get into the habit of addressing any repairs that need to be done as soon as you spot the damage. Proactive maintenance is key to the prevention of rot, moisture damage and general degradation of outdoor wooden features in general. Irrespective of how small and seemingly inconsequential the damage may be, it could quickly grow into something far more serious. So rather than simply ignoring it, tackle it at the earliest possible stage for total peace of mind.

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