How To Clean Your Brushes Like A Boss

Still in search of the elusive secret for quickly, easily and effectively cleaning paint brushes? It’s actually pretty simple – read on for all the info you’ll need from the folks at Homm CPS!

For the average DIY decorator, it tends to be the simplest tasks that add up to the biggest headaches. A prime example of which being the much-maligned job of cleaning paint brushes after completing a project.

On the surface, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cleaning brushes like a pro isn’t exactly rocket science. And it isn’t…it’s just that the vast majority of people make a mess of the whole thing.

How To Clean Your Brushes

What’s important to remember is that the different types of paint need different products and processes to get them clean and keep them clean. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method for cleaning paint brushes. Precisely why people often feel as if they’re banging their collective heads against a brick wall, having found no luck in their chosen methods.

If you ask us, it simply makes sense to buy premium-quality brushes and take care of your investment. Far better than investing in a bunch of crappy disposal brushes for each new job, making the whole thing harder and less enjoyable than it needs to be.

So if you’re painting like a pro with top-shelf hardware, here’s the lowdown on how to clean your brushes like a boss:

  1. Remove Residual Paint

First and foremost, you’ll need to get rid of as much excess paint from your brushes as possible. This can be a pretty messy job in its own right, but will nonetheless make the rest of the process that much easier. Try to avoid using anything too sharp or course, which could damage the bristles in the process. Scrape as much paint as you can off your dirty brushes and ensure it is disposed of appropriately.

  1. Water-Based Paints

By far the easiest to deal with, water-based paints don’t demand any special products or accessories to clean. In fact, the only thing you need is clean water. After scraping as much residual paint as possible of the brush, rinse the brush under running water until it runs clear. Agitate the bristles using your fingers in the meantime, in order to ensure all paint is removed from deep within the brush. There’s no need to use any harsh cleaning products or chemicals to clean water-based paints off a brush.

  1. Oil-Based Paints

By contrast, things tend to get a little more demanding with oil-based paints. Run them under a faucet from now until eternity and very little will happen. Instead, you need to invest in some quality white spirit. Rather than pouring it directly over the brush, pour a decent amount into a glass jar and gradually work the brush against the sides and the base. This will loosen the paint quickly and effectively, though you may need to change the white spirit a couple of times in the process. When the brush is completely clean, give it a final rinse to get rid of the residual cleaning solution.

  1. Allow To Dry

It’s then simply a case of giving your brushes sufficient time to dry in a clean and well-ventilated space. Give the bristles an occasional ‘massage’ along the way, which can help prevent them sticking together if there are any traces of paint left over. Don’t store your brushes away until they are completely dry, as doing so could compromise the quality and integrity of the bristles.

  1. Store Temporarily

Last but not least, an immaculately clean and dry paint brush can be stored indefinitely in the right conditions. Nevertheless, if you plan on using the same brush at some point in the near future, there’s really no point washing it at all. Instead, wrap the brush in plenty of plastic wrap from the kitchen, to create a reasonably tight seal. Store the brush in a cool, dark place, which should remain moist and ready to use until you need it again. Far easier and more economical than washing your brushes after every use.

Once again, we strongly recommend investing in premium-quality tools and taking care of them. The higher the quality of your painting supplies, the quicker, easier and more enjoyable the job becomes.

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