High-Value Home Improvements to Consider in 2022

Getting a fresh start in a new home can be an inspiring experience – even if only moving a few miles down the road. With the events of the past two years still ringing in everyone’s ears, millions are setting their sights on relocation in 2022.

Consequently, record numbers of homes are expected to be put on the market over the next few months. Competition in many locations will be fierce, as everyone looks to get the best possible price for their home.

Performing renovations and improvements before selling a home is the norm.  But which alterations and renovations can generate the biggest returns of all?

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If looking to get the best possible price for your home this year, which high-value home improvements are worth considering?

Basement Conversion

First up, converting a basement into a fully functional living space can radically improve the appeal of a property. This can be as simple as laying functional flooring, insulating the space for warmth and painting the interior walls a welcoming color. If your basement has a separate entrance, you could even market it as a fully independent living space in its own right.

Just remember that the best way to present spaces like these is as a blank canvas. Put together something simple yet inspiring, subsequently letting the imaginations of those viewing your home run wild.

Attic conversions can also have a similar impact on property values, but can sometimes cause issues where accessibility is concerned.

Exterior Presentation Updates

First impressions are everything when looking to sell a home for a good price.  The heavier the competition, the more important it is to have viewers fall in love with your home at first sight.

This is where something as simple as a new coat of exterior paint can help.  During the painting process, ensure that any damaged surfaces encountered along the way are repaired. Focus on the fine details prospective buyers are likely to scrutinize, leaving nothing to chance.

As for the good news – no need to get too creative or carried away with your choice of colors. When looking to create the most appealing first impression possible, the best color to go with is something neutral like grey.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

These are the two rooms of the home with the greatest potential to add significant value to your property. They also tend to be the most heavily-scrutinized areas of the home, when visited by prospective buyers. Basically, they’re evaluating if and to what extent they will need to conduct their own renovations, should they make an offer.

This is where a few simple tweaks can make all the difference – most of which can be comprehensively affordable. For example, painting kitchen cabinets simply to refresh them is a good place to start. As is refreshing the walls with a fresh coat of paint, ensuring it corresponds with your cabinets, countertops and so on.

Swapping out some of the hardware in the kitchen can also make a difference – faucets, doorknobs, cupboard handles and so on. The addition of a feature lighting and task lighting can also help, as can comprehensively decluttering to keep the place as tidy and orderly as possible.

Garden Grooming

Last up, remain mindful of the fact that more people have been spending more time at home than ever before as of late. As a result, the importance of well-manicured gardens and attractive exterior spaces cannot be overstated.

Again, the best way to approach your exterior home improvements is to keep things simple. Remember that prospective buyers will want to visualize themselves living in your home, and making their own preferred alterations.

Touching up exterior painted surfaces, repairing fence posts and panels, keeping lawns in good condition – all surprisingly effective ways to ensure you get a good price for your home.

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