Getting Creative with Painted Fence Panels

With the countdown to the fall season well underway, now’s the time to start tackling those last-minute outdoor paint jobs.  The temptation to leave things until spring can be huge, but you simply risk making things even more laborious for yourself.

If you show your exteriors a little TLC today, you could significantly reduce the likelihood of them becoming even more dilapidated and dismal. It’s the classic case of a stitch in time saving nine – minor repairs and improvements today, versus more extensive renovations next year.

Cost to Paint a House

Plus, the weather’s still pretty fantastic, so you may as well make the most of it.

Decorative Fence Painting Ideas

There’s a tendency with garden fences (and similar features) to play it safe.  Or at least, to go with something that doesn’t really call for a great deal of creativity.

Of course, a standard white or stained wooden fence can look fantastic. These conventional color choices are universally compatible with all types of décor, and are 100% timeless in their sophistication and appeal.

Fair enough, but there is also much to be said for injecting a little imagination and personality into your garden fence. If you’re happy with the result, it doesn’t matter how out-of-the-box it may be. If you’re not totally delighted, you can always rough up the surface and try something else.

But what kinds of ‘alternative’ fence painting ideas are worth trying out? What’s most likely to result in a finish that looks eye-catching and impressive, and not simply an eyesore?

Creative Colors and Patterns

First of all, you could go with something in a fairly neutral or pastel shade. The same kinds of colors you’d choose for your interior walls, which are practically impossible to go wrong with.  Examples of which include pale blues and greens, soft yellows, a gentle hue of grey and so on. All of which are understated enough to blend in quietly with their surroundings, well at the same time standing out just enough to have the desired effect.

If you choose this approach, you can make the whole thing all the more impressive and cohesive by painting your front/back door the same color.  Or perhaps take things a step further by using the same color for your window frames and exterior trim.  Get it right and this can be fantastic for bringing the whole thing together in gorgeous harmony.

Alternatively, you could create a major visual point of focus for the garden in its entirety. Take a look at your home’s exterior and make a note of its most dominant colors. Next, assign each of these colors a number, and allocate them to the vertical slats in your fence in some kind of order – 1,2,3 or 1,1,2,2,3,3 or 1,3,2,3,1,3,2,3 and so on.

By applying these colors in some kind of repeating pattern, the resulting effect will appear more planned and uniform than chaotic. You can use your home’s dominant colors in a completely random order if you like, but tends to be far more effective to come up with a pattern and repeat it.

Geometric Patterns, Paintings and Text

If looking to take things really out of the left field, you could arm yourself with some painter’s tape and mark out some kind of geometric pattern. Again, perhaps in the form of your preferred shapes in a repeating, consistent order across the pickets.

For creative types, an interesting effect can be achieved by painting outdoor-related shapes across the lower or upper part of a fence.  Butterflies, flowers, birds, plants and so on – all quite eye-catching if you get it right.

If you have a family motto or some inspirational quotation that means something to your family, this could also be incorporated into your unique design. Or if you’re a particularly patriotic household, why not incorporate the colors of your state flag into your outdoor color scheme?

Ask the Experts…

All of the above barely scratches the surface where creative outdoor painting is concerned.  If you have an idea in mind but aren’t sure of your capabilities to pull it off, we can help.

Homm CPS provides a comprehensive range of professional exterior painting services at affordable prices.  We can help you bring your vision the life at a price you can afford, while providing our independent advice and input along the way.

For more information on the services we provide or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Homm CPS today.