Getting Creative with Kids’ Bedroom Walls

Out of all the rooms of the home, it tends to be kids’ bedrooms that get the most elaborate treatment. That is, at least when it comes to DIY paint jobs. Even in homes where the parents are somewhat modest when it comes to intricacies elsewhere, they’re never afraid to go nuts on kids’ wall. And with good reason too – there’s nothing worse than a drab and dull kid’s bedroom!

But say you want to take things to another level. Say you want to go about the kind of paint job that’s about far more than pretty pictures and colours alone. What can you do to really spice things up a bit?

Getting Creative with Kids’ Bedroom Walls

Well, bright colors and murals are always an option. As are getting the kids involved in the painting process, in order to have them feel they’re made a real contribution to the place. Research suggests that brighter, more active colors can actually contribute to mental stimulation and creativity. All good ideas, but if you ask us, there are three very specific types of paint we definitely advise considering for kids’ bedrooms of all shapes and sizes.

Which are as follows:

  1. Magnetic Paint. If you haven’t already tried this stuff out for yourself, it’s high time you did. From kids to parents and even professionals alike, magnetic paint is becoming the next all-time favorite across millions of homes. It’s basically the same as any other paint in terms of colors and application methods. The only difference being that it has a generous dose of iron dust particles mixed in for good measure. When it dries, it creates a magnetic surface which effectively turns the whole wall into a kind of giant notice board. Needless to say, the appeal and novelty as far as kids are concerned is huge. Both as a plaything and to make it easier to stick things up, they’ll never get bored of it. And if you can’t find the perfect color to suit the room, you can even paint a layer of normal paint over the top and retain its magnetic properties!
  2. Chalkboard Paint. Sooner or later, all kids draw on the walls. It’s as simple as that, so you might as well accept it. Meanwhile, chances are that as time goes by, you’ll probably spend a small fortune on bits and pieces to encourage your kids to be creative. Ideally, in a way that’s totally non-toxic and doesn’t involve anything expensive. So here’s the thing – why not turn an entire wall into the biggest chalkboard in the world? Or at least, the biggest in the home, anyway! Chalkboard paint is beneficial in any number of ways and really couldn’t be more cost-effective. One seriously popular approach is to paint any number of ‘framed’ chalkboards in different shapes, sizes and positions all over the walls. This way, your kids have total freedom to play to their heart’s content, but also learn the valuable lesson of where they can and cannot draw and write. Teach them to spell, play games and watch their imagination come to life before your eyes!
  3. Non-Stick Paint. Last but not least, if you choose to go with a more standard, non-novelty paint for your kids’ room, you might want to think about a high-end non-stick product. These days, there are thousands of paints on the market that are enriched with the same kind of stuff that prevents the food you cook sticking to your best frying pans. The non-stick coating used in cookware and even in certain garments has also made its way to the world of paint. The idea being that when your kids make a mess of your walls (which they will), it’s easy as pie to clean them. And without leaving any unsightly marks behind. If you have any designated messy-play areas for painting etc., high-gloss paint that’s easy to wipe clean is the obvious choice. Plus the fact that it looks great is an added bonus too!

The thing to bear in mind when painting kids’ bedrooms is that the sky really is the limit. There’s really no point going for something dull, drab and boring. In fact, drab bedroom colors have been known to stifle creativity and energy when put to the test. And as already mentioned, it’s only a matter of time before the walls get messy – you might as well be proactive about the whole thing!

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