Five Timeless Exterior Paint Colors Worth Considering

If you’re planning to treat your home’s exterior to a fresh coat of paint over the coming weeks, you’re in good company. Summertime really is the time to freshen things up outdoors, providing the perfect painting conditions for a flawless finish. Particularly if your exteriors have taken a pounding over the harsh winter months, sprucing things that can be seriously satisfying!

Still, this doesn’t answer perhaps the most important question of all when it comes to exterior paint:

What’s the best color to paint your home?

Our customers ask this question all the time, in hope of finding the Holy Grail of exterior paint colors for their homes. If only there was such a thing – it isn’t quite as simple as this.

Farrow and Ball new paint colors

The reason being that as far as we’re concerned, the ‘best’ color for your home is whichever color you like best. Some like exterior colors that are reserved and understated, while others go for the kinds of neon-tinged shades you can see from miles away. If you like it and you’re happy with the result, so be it!

But let’s say you’re a bit of an indecisive type. Assuming you have absolutely no idea where to start and no major preferences of your own. You want to spruce up your exteriors, but you also want something that’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Not to mention, a timeless finish that won’t go ‘off-trend’ in a matter of months.

If this is the case, which colors are worth considering?

The answer – opt for any of the following five timeless exterior paint colors and you won’t go wrong:

Buttery Yellow

Not nearly as creamy or sickly as the name suggests, Buttery Yellow is a beautifully simple lighter-yellow color. Ideally suited to wooden exteriors, though also just the ticket for sprucing up brick surfaces outdoors. There’s something timelessly elegant and energizing about muted yellow tones that’s enchanting both indoors and out.


Equally neutral and impossible to go wrong with, Tan or Khaki colors are great when you want your home to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. There’s barely a neighborhood imaginable where these classic neutral tones won’t look the part, while opening up limitless opportunities to complement the final result with a dash of bolder color here and there.

Light Grey

The true dictionary definition of timelessness, Light Grey has been a popular exterior color for generations. It’s also set to continue in the same vein indefinitely, doing the business beautifully across traditional and contemporary properties alike. Light Grey is excellent creating something of a blank canvas to work with, if you then choose to go ahead and brighten things up with more colorful window frames, shutters and features in general.

Brick Red

The timelessness of Brick Red is (of course) attributed to the fact that it harks back to the classic brick buildings of yesteryear. There’s something uniquely cozy and comforting about the color, which has been a staple in residential property design pretty much forever. Brick Red is also the perfect color for creating incredible contrasts with the greenery of your gardens, or the classic white window frames and shutters around your home.


Speaking of which, let’s not forget the uniquely timeless appeal of classic White…and variations thereof. There’s no more neutral or universal exterior color than white, which again provides a blank canvas upon which to get creative. Homes painted white inherently need a little more TLC in terms of periodic cleaning, but the pristine glow of a beautiful white home really is quite remarkable.

Ask the Experts…

Choosing the ideal color for your home’s exterior means taking various factors into consideration. You might want your home to blend in seamlessly with your neighbors’ properties, or the whole idea could be to ensure it stands out from the crowd. You may also prefer minimal maintenance requirements, as opposed to exterior finishes that need regular cleaning and general TLC.

Here at Homm CPS, we can provide the independent support and consultancy you need to make the best possible decision for your home. Whether approaching an imminent painting project or planning ahead, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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