Exterior Painting Estimates – What Factors Affect Costs?

At Homm CPS, we appreciate how daunting it can be to request a quote for an exterior home painting job. With no frame of reference, you have absolutely no idea how much you can expect to be quoted for the job.

Worse still, there’s always the prospect (with some, not with us!) of being handed a quote that’s about as far from accurate as it gets. This can be even more off-putting for those who have been misquoted before, and it’s a common issue we completely understand.

That’s why we’re committed to transparency and proactivity when providing quotations for all types of exterior painting projects. Once you get a written quotation from Homm CPS, it’s set in stone – guaranteed not to change under any circumstances.

Exterior Painting Estimates – What Factors Affect Costs?

But what are the main factors that can influence the price of an exterior paint job? If planning on painting the exterior of your home this summer, what could potentially steer the costs of the project in either direction?

The Issue with Vague Estimates

Truth is, any estimate plucked out of the air and based on guesswork is going to be vague and unreliable.  Sadly, this is precisely how many painting contractors operate, simply to get new customers on board with quotes that are anything but accurate.

It’s also worth remembering that a verbal quotation (or assurance of any kind) may not be worth the paper it isn’t written on. Unless you get a quotation in writing, you’ve nothing to go back on if your contractor subsequently decides to overcharge you.

The Five Components of Reliable Estimates

More often than not, it will only be after your service provider visits your home to conduct an inspection that you will be provided with a reliable estimate you can count on.

In order for a quotation to be guaranteed accurate, it must take the following five factors into consideration:

  1. How much preparation is necessary

Producing a flawless finish when painting outdoors is more about the preparation process than the actual painting. Before a single coat of primer for paint is applied, the entire surface of your home may need to be stripped, cleaned, repaired and prepped.

Consequently, the extent of the work required to prepare your home to be painted in the first place will play a big role in determining the price of the project.

  1. Paint quantity and quality

Of course, the amount of paint needed to cover your home’s exterior will also be another key factor.  For obvious reasons, a tiny single-story home is always going to be cheaper to paint than a sprawling mansion.

A good painting contractor will only ever use the highest-quality paints available, but prices can vary significantly between certain hues, shades and sheens.

  1. Manpower costs

Some simple exterior painting jobs can be handled by just a couple of professional painters in the space of a few hours.  Elsewhere, others may call for an extensive team of painters, who may need to visit your home several times over the course of a week or so.

Manpower costs can only be calculated accurately when the full extent of the project is understood by the contractor. Precisely why it is practically impossible to provide a genuinely accurate quotation during an initial telephone consultation.

  1. Tools and resources required

From lenders to Scaffolding to protective covers to PPE, some exterior painting jobs call for far more equipment than others.  This will also factor into the price you pay, along with the costs of transporting this equipment to your home.

The further you live from your chosen painting provider, the more you can expect to pay for their services.

  1. Optional extras

Last up, it’s entirely up to you to determine how comprehensive and detailed you want your domestic makeover to be. Things like window frames, door frames, shutters and other types of outdoor trim are all technically optional extras.

You can simply have the bulk of your home’s exterior surfaces painted, or you can have the entirety of its exterior spruced up in any way you like.  Just be sure to communicate your requirements clearly with your contractor, so they can offer you a fair and accurate quotation in return.

Ready to get started with your summer home makeover? For more information on the services we provide or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Homm CPS today.