Epoxy for Interiors – Worth a Thought?

Most people don’t give their floors a second thought until they encounter problems with them. It could be that things are starting to look a little worn and tired, or perhaps heading into genuinely hazardous territory. When this happens, the most common response is to basically re-fit whatever flooring is already there. Radical change not being something the average homeowner regularly considers.

Nevertheless, weigh up the potential benefits of high-quality epoxy flooring and you could be looking at a potentially appealing alternative to your current flooring choice. If new to the concept, epoxy is a purpose-made material that effectively seals concrete floors. Chances are you will have come across epoxy flooring more often than you realize – it tends to be a staple in shops and shopping centers, hospitals and medical facilities, industrial buildings, factories, garages, food preparation areas and so on.

epoxy floors

Contrary to popular belief however, epoxy flooring is by no means confined to commercial and industrial spaces alone. In fact, it has the potential to be enormously beneficial at home. And as it technically qualifies as no more than a rather specialist interior painting project, it needn’t be seen as a gargantuan undertaking.

Epoxy is simply painted onto exposed concrete, creating the kind of rock-solid barrier that goes above and beyond most conventional flooring materials.

But what exactly are the specific benefits of epoxy flooring?

We can think of at least 10 that are more than worth considering:

  1. Durability: First and foremost, epoxy coated concrete has the potential to last significantly longer than almost any other comparable type of flooring. Particularly in high-traffic and heavy-duty areas, where other materials may quickly degrade.
  2. Strength: The strength of epoxy flooring is also largely unrivalled. The epoxy itself dries to become a solid polymer, which is spectacularly strong and resistant.
  3. Saves time:When compared to the vast majority of alternative options, epoxy flooring really couldn’t be quicker or easier to install. This means minimal disruption and far lower costs, if hiring the professionals to take care of the job on your behalf.
  4. Low maintenance cleaning: One of the best things about epoxy flooring is the way in which it is so easy to keep clean and hygienic. A smooth, shiny and non-porous surface makes everyday cleaning and maintenance an absolute breeze.
  5. Looks: These days, epoxy coatings can be picked up and applied in an endless variety of colors and patterns. This means that whatever it takes to perfectly suit your interiors, pretty much nothing is out of the question.
  6. Ultra-resistant: When it comes to kitchens, garages, workshops and so on, the ultra-resistant nature of epoxy is unbeatable. From red hot pans to spiller chemicals to sharp objects and so on, causing any real damage to the stuff is difficult to say the least.
  7. Non-slip: High-quality epoxy floors are also non-slip in nature, making them a perfect alternative to many conventional flooring materials that have a habit of becoming somewhat slick. Which is precisely the reason why epoxy flooring is so widely used in public buildings and offices.
  8. Brightness: Typically, a high gloss option represents the most popular choice, which has the potential to improve the brightness and airiness of almost any interior. Particularly when it comes to smaller spaces and those with limited natural light, a bright and reflective epoxy floor can make an impressive difference.
  9. Repairs and maintenance: Once the initial epoxy floor has been laid and has solidified, on-going repairs and maintenance can be carried out with ease. A wide variety of products and kits are available to take care of just about all examples of damage and ongoing wear and tear.
  10. Cost-effective: Last but not least, the durability and general benefits of epoxy flooring add up to the kind of long-term value for money that’s hard to beat. Even in instances where the initial laying of an epoxy floor may be comparatively expensive, what you get out of the deal in return is no less than stellar.

Here at Homm CPS, we offer an extensive range of epoxy flooring services for residential and commercial properties alike. Whether ready to go ahead with an epoxy installation or simply exploring the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Get in touch with a member of our customer support team today to arrange an obligation-free quotation.