Decorate a Room in a Day? It’s Possible…

Okay, so admittedly, ‘decorating’ probably isn’t the word we should have used. What we’re actually talking about is the prospect of painting an entire room in just a day. Something a lot of naysayers out there would say is fundamentally impossible.

In reality, it’s surprising how much can be accomplished in a single day. Just as is the case with most projects, the key to a successful result lies in the planning. Just as long as you do the necessary prep, the rest is a piece of cake. Or if not a piece of cake, at least manageable.

Decorate a Room in a Day? It’s Possible…

So for those with plenty of ambition but very little time to spare, here’s a brief look at how anyone can paint an entire room in a day. And just for the record, the answer is yes – you will be looking at a long day with an early start!

  1. Clear the Clutter

First and foremost, you’ll need to get as much clutter out of the way as possible. As a rule of thumb, if it isn’t nailed to the ground, consider removing it from the arena of combat. Working in a largely empty space is so much easier than attempting to negotiate a room full of fixtures and furniture.

  1. Clean the Walls

The importance of ensuring the walls are meticulously clean cannot be overstated. This should be one of the first jobs you tackle in the morning, given how you’ll also need to address any deep-set stains and general imperfections. Don’t make the mistake of soaking your walls with excessive amounts of moisture, as doing so will mean delaying the painting for at least 24 hours.

  1. Calculate Your Requirements

Measure your walls and work out the exact surface area you will need to cover. Use this information to determine how much paint you will need to buy, ensuring you pick up at least a little extra for touching-up.

  1. Buy the Paint

Use a helpful visualizer app to decide which paint color you’ll be going for. That is, assuming you haven’t already decided. Head out to your local hardware store and pick up the paint you’ll need, focusing on quality rather than the lowest prices. It may be tempting to cut corners to cut costs, but you’re guaranteed to regret it soon enough.

  1. Complete Your Inventory

This is also the perfect time to buy any other tools and accessories you’ll be needing to get the job done. If your brushes, rollers and so on have all seen better days, take the plunge and treat yourself to new ones. Once again, we strongly advise sticking with the highest quality brushes and general painting tools you can afford. The higher the quality, the quicker and easier it is to produce a flawless final result.

  1. Protect the Room

Use dust sheets, drop cloths and anything else you can find to protect anything you don’t intend to paint. In addition, use the highest quality painters tape you can lay your hands on to create accurate lines around the walls. Double check everything and ensure you are ready to get started with the painting.

  1. Paint the Edges

Always start the job at one of the top corners, painting the edges and finer details first. Paint approximately 1 inch of the wall’s surface inward from the masking tape, creating a border around the whole thing.

  1. Paint the Rest

After which, it’s simply a case of reaching for your brush or roller, getting busy with the rest. Take your time, ensuring the paint is applied smoothly and evenly.

  1. Second Coat

Depending on the type of paint you use and the surface you’re painting, you may or may not get away with just a single coat. If a second coat is necessary, you’ll need to give the first coat adequate time to dry. Drying times will be indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions, so be sure to consult them before going ahead.

  1. Reassemble the Room

Just as soon as everything is dry, it’s time to put all the bits and pieces back into the room. After which, you’re free to sit back and admire your handiwork!

Of course, in most instances things don’t go quite as smoothly as this. Especially if you happen to have pets, children or a hectic lifestyle in general. If you’re really interested in the best possible results in a single day, you know who to call!

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