Current Design Trends for an Exquisite Home Exterior

During 2016, 56,000 Houzz & Home users in the USA spent an average of $60,400 on home renovations, marginally up from the average spend of $59,800 the previous year. It is becoming increasingly apparent that homeowners are appreciating the importance of a beautiful house exterior, especially since it is the first thing that people notice. Taking care of your home’s exterior not only allows you to display your own personal style by putting your own touch on current trends, but adds to its curb appeal as well – especially if you want to put it on the market at some stage.

Six Tips for Selecting Exterior Home Paint Colors

Trends in home design change just about annually, especially as far as paint is concerned.  Design trends play a huge role in the way a house’s exterior is fashioned and often extends into the landscaping of the garden as well. While home exteriors do not receive the same attention as their interior counterparts do in terms of media hype, architects, designers and passionate homeowners often aim to create a cutting-edge look that will see their homes stand out head-and-shoulders above the more drab dwellings in the neighborhood. A few design trends such as the following are currently particularly popular amongst suburban homeowners in Virginia.

Red Bricks

Once upon a time, red brick was the typical choice for building exteriors and now it’s back, once again being utilized to add warmth as a superior finish. Red brick was extensively used in constructing many of the beautiful heritage buildings. Unlike the full-brick structures of the past, red brick is now used in a more contemporary way alongside neutral colors such as tan or cream to render a modern, voguish look. Alexandria still features a number of colonial red brick houses, many of which have been given a modern-day facelift.

Natural Finishes

In our technology-centric time it is no surprise that more and more people are seeking natural elements in and around their living spaces.  Where heavily-stained wooden doors, window frames and, shutters used to be extremely popular for instance, natural or delicately-stained finishes are becoming increasingly popular.  Wood is extremely versatile and easy to work with and is used extensively outside in ceilings, decks, benches and, sheds. Garden accessories such as water features and planters can add a gorgeous, organic touch to the external façade of any property.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as off-white, beige and grey have always been popular but now they are being used in a much more sophisticated manner. Neutrals are being used in conjunction with different materials within the same color palette, creating interesting contrasts and textures. It is amazing what difference a fresh coat of paint does to the overall appearance of a home, especially if a color and texture create a natural flow.  When planning to give your home a neutral-colored makeover make sure to pick your paint first and then look for ways to enhance its appeal with complimentary finishes.

Whether you decide to follow the latest design trends or just your own creative instinct is entirely up to you. You can opt to invest in full-scale renovations or decide to simply apply a new coat of paint to tired-looking exterior walls. Regardless of the extent of your efforts, by simply pouring your passion into the task at hand you are bound to end up with a home you can be proud of and one that will be the envy of everyone in your street.