Color of the Month-Sherwin Williams’ Positive Red

If red is the color of love, than what better month to display the absolutely positively perfect Positive Red by Sherwin Williams? This is the type of red that adds that missing punch of color in an otherwise neutral color scheme, and truly brings design together.


Positive Red work so well as a welcome on the front of your house not only because of its brightness, but because it really does work to add uniqueness that is often missing from many homes. Cookie cutter is not cute! Bring out your personality in your home, even in the most subtle of ways. From a doorway to a garage, color makes the difference.

red paint color by sherwin williams

Make the inside of your home stand out! The crisp white walls foregrounding the pops of red are truly stunning. The combinations makes such a strong statement, and lets guests know that one, you have great taste, but also that you are not afraid to take risks when it comes to design.

sherwin williams paint color positive red

sherwin williams color positive red

Because bathrooms are often small rooms, they can be such a fun place to experiment with design and color. Remember, you’ll spend nearly every morning in your bathroom, so make sure it’s an inviting space that will start off your day the right way!

sherwin williams color positive red

Pair a red wall with equally dramatic accessories so they can bring out the best in one another. Keep the bed frame and headboard simple (no need to be gaudy), but use architecturally interesting lamps, tables, stands, and vases to keep the aesthetic in sync. And most importantly, have fun!


*Images via Sherwin Williams


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