Chalkboard Paint: An Affordable Interior Transformation

Despite having been around for some time now, chalkboard paint is only just beginning to make its way into a relatively modest number of homes across the US. Which for the most part comes down to two things – availability and affordability. Once a relatively rare decorating supply that packed a heavy price, chalkboard paint is now comprehensively affordable and available across the country.

And you can take it from us when we tell you that once you’ve brought chalkboard paint into the home, you’ll never want to be without it again!

Chalkboard Paint: An Affordable Interior Transformation

What Is Chalkboard Paint?

Whether looking to play mad scientist in your home office, turn your kitchen into the restaurant you’d love to own or simply give the kids a safe creative outlet, chalkboard paint does it all. If you’re new to the concept entirely, chalkboard paint is…well, you can probably figure that out with no real direction needed!

As the name quite rightly suggests, chalkboard paint is a special type of paint – usually supplied in black – which produces a surface that’s perfect for writing on with chalk. And just as would be the case with a traditional chalkboard, you can wipe chalk off the surface of chalkboard paint with ease and keep writing or drawing on it, over and over again.

All of which is pretty cool to say the least, but where and to what extent does chalkboard paint have any real practical value? How can the average household put chalkboard paint to use in a way that really does make a difference?

The answer – let your imagination run wild! Anywhere and everywhere it could be useful, fun or even decorative to draw all over the walls, chalkboard paint is pure gold.

If struggling for inspiration, you need only carry out a quick Google Image search. Or to get things started, consider just a few of our own personal favorites – courtesy of the Homm CPS interior painting team!

On the Front Door

First up, just a small patch of chalkboard paint on the inside of the front door makes for the perfect notice board. Great for jotting down reminders for yourself and other members of the household, with no excuses whatsoever for missing them on your/their way out! Or if you prefer, make the ‘board’ a little larger and invite every member of the household to contribute with their own inspiring notes, wishes and musings to generally improve your day!

On the Letterbox

Just a quick coat of chalkboard paint applied to your mailbox or letterbox can be perfect for leaving notes for friends, delivery drivers or the mailman. For example, if you’re expecting a parcel, you could tell them where to drop it, or with which neighbor to leave it. A tiny little detail that really can prove useful when needed.

On the Fridge

As for the fridge, there are various reasons why chalkboard paint should be considered for sprucing things up a little. For one thing, you can keep track of anything you’re low on and gradually build a shopping list accordingly. You can also use chalkboard paint on the fridge to jot down recipe ideas, meal plans for the week and so on. Plus, if you happen to have made New Year’s resolutions to cut down on the sweet stuff, you can leave yourself helpful reminders/warnings on the door of the fridge!

Kids’ Bedrooms

When it comes to kids, you’ve basically got two choices. You can a) attempt to have them keep their walls clean and tidy or b) encourage them to draw on their walls and have a great time in the process. Chalkboard paint has the potential to be the ultimate decorating supply for kids’ bedrooms, providing them with a creative outlet and preventing them from destroying a more conventional paint job.

The Home Office

And of course, when it comes to the home office, chalkboard walls can completely (or at least largely) eliminate the need for having a thousand and one sticky notes and calendar entries all over the place. When something needs to be written down, just reach for a piece of chalk and make it happen. Rub it out when it’s done and repeat the cycle. Quick, easy and eco-friendly too. Plus, it can make the average office look pretty awesome, which is always a bonus!

If you’d like to learn more about the uses and benefits of high-quality chalkboard paint, the Homm CPS team would love to hear from you. Get in touch today for a pressure-free, obligation-free quotation on any of our services.