Buying Paint and Painting Supplies Online: Worth a Shot?

For occasional hobbyists and dedicated DIY-types alike, picking up supplies online has become something of a new standard. The same also goes for those on the commercial side of the spectrum, for whom picking up paint and painting supplies online has the potential to be hugely beneficial.

The thing is though, broach the subject with any group of experts and chances are there will be a pretty even split of critics and advocates. To some, buying online represents the obvious way of getting things done in the digital age. To others, buying online means opening yourself up to a number of risks that just aren’t worth taking.

Buying Paint and Painting Supplies Online: Worth a Shot?

So what’s the truth? If looking to pick up a bunch of supplies and the paint you’ll be needing to tackle your interiors, is it worth buying online? Assuming you’ve got the option of countless local hardware stores and any number of online vendors to choose from, where should you take your cash?

The answer…well, it’s the typical case of both sides having pros and cons to take into account. So rather than telling you which of the two represents the ‘best’ choice per se, we’ve instead taken a more diplomatic position.

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons to consider, if looking to pick up paint and related supplies online:

The Upside:

  1. Cheaper Prices. In most instances, buying just about anything imaginable online means gaining access to significant savings. The reason being that when vendors of all sizes sell products online, they don’t have to worry about the same kinds of overheads that accompany the daily running of a physical store. Hence, enormous savings that can be passed directly on to the customer.
  2. Huge Range. Likewise, online sellers are typically not subject to the same kind of physical space restrictions as those who sell from more standard stores. This means that they have the potential to carry an exponentially larger range of products than any conventional warehouse or stock room in your locality could hold.
  3. Simplicity. Of course, the simplicity of shopping online represents one of its most appealing characteristics of all. Regardless of what it is you need, all you need to do is fire up your computer (or pull out your Smartphone) and place your order in a matter of seconds.
  4. 24/7 Shopping. What’s more, online stores are not subject to the same kinds of opening hours as conventional stores. While it’s not as if most people deliberately set out to buy paint in the middle of the night or on public holidays, you’ve every right and opportunity to do so when you shop online!
  5. Spare Paint Sales. Last but not least, shopping online gives you a far better chance of coming across businesses and private sellers alike practically giving away spare paint for nothing at all. Leftovers and paint purchased by mistake are often re-sold online for pennies.

The Downside:

  1. Hands-Off. As for the downsides, shopping online means forgoing the ability to personally examine and verify the quality of whatever it is you intend to buy. This means that along with not being able to physically see the color of the paints you order, you also don’t get to give the brushes, rollers and other accessories you buy a good hands-on inspection.
  2. Delivery Times. Buying online doesn’t typically represent the best choice if you are in a hurry. While there’s much to be said for instant access to a huge range of products online, this doesn’t mean you won’t be looking at delays with delivery. This means that if you want to get your project started right now, you’d be better going out and buying what you need the old-fashioned way.
  3. Returns. Likewise, if there are any problems with any of the products you purchase, you could then be looking at a time-consuming, annoying and potentially costly returns process. Not quite as simple as returning the offending items to your local hardware store.
  4. Misinformation. Last up, buying online sometimes means having to take the word of the seller at face value. Their description and promises of quality are all well and good, by how can you be sure they’re accurate without inspecting things personally?

In Conclusion…

As previously warned, a disconcertingly vague and diplomatic overview of the subject! Nevertheless, a clear illustration of the way in which shopping online for paint and paint supplies will always have its advantages and disadvantages to be taken into account.

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