Bold Bathrooms

A bathroom can be a great area to get really creative and experiment with design in ways that some may not dare do to other parts of the house because of the smaller square footage in comparison with other rooms.

red bathroom

A mix of tile and bold paint creates a unique, vintage feeling shower.

tile and bold paint in bathroom

Two toned grays and a chandelier give this bathroom a luxe feeling; no better way to take a bath!

bold bathroom

Sometimes simplicity is the key. Minimal gold accents paired with a bursting color add all the character this bathroom needs!

blue bathroom

This two toned yellow shocker is not for the faint of heart! But it’ll be a bathroom no guest will ever forget!

yellow bathroom

This bathroom has more traditional accents, but the brightness of the yellow helps to give the space that designer edge!

green bathroom

Dare to go bright and bold in the bathroom? What styles have you been dying to try, and would you think about trying them out in the bathroom?

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